Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wow...organizing really CAN put you in a good mood!

So, today I was all out of sorts.  Just your typical 29 year old stay at home mom hissy fits going on.  I know, I know..pathetic, right?  I'm not proud of it, but that is what was happening.  So, instead of shutting down (like I normally do), I decided to just clean out a few closets.  First I started with the toy room.  The toy room is over run by...well toys.  So, I just started pulling out bins and going through them all.  I threw a few...ahem... McDonald's cheapo toys away, and sorted the rest.  And then something amazing happened.  I realized once I get going, I don't want to stop!  The motivation just picks up!  Usually I just stare at the monstrosity of my non organization skills and cry and leave it be.  However, if I actually start organizing, I get excited and keep going!  Hmmm...now if I could only remember that.  Anyways, after going through lots and lots and lots of toys (yes my boys are ridiculously spoiled with toys) I decided to get to the closets.  I grabbed clothes that the boys don't wear anymore or never wore (yes, there are those, too) and put them in a pile.  I sorted the clothes and hung them back up, nice and neat.  It was pretty.  As pretty as a boys' closet can be I guess.  Now I feel great!  I'm not upset, I'm not throwing hissy fits (thank goodness) and I'm smiling...smiling!  Bonus, after seeing all the toys organized, the boys found some toys they haven't played with for awhile, so they did play with them!  All afternoon!!!  Booyah!  Now I get to sit and drink some coffee, maybe a crack open a book and let them play some more.....

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  1. I'm always amazed at how alike we truly are! :) I have been having some of those mommy-style hissy fits lately, too. And my house has been out of control. I declared today, clean-up day. I feel pretty good that we got 2 bedrooms completely cleaned out and he kitchen mopped. :) I still have intentions of getting to the playroom today, but we shall see. But it's amazing, I walk into the clean bedrooms, and just breathe a sigh of relief. It's a good feeling. Glad you got so much accomplished.