Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Healthy Eating

Do you wish you could figure out a way to feed your family better?  Do you feel like it's impossible?  It isn't!  Check out my new blog on Plugged In Parents website on how I'm working on making sure  my family eats healthier!  Click here to read the article!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So, lately I've been battling some inner demons.  Just feeling like I'm not good enough...not skinny enough, not pretty enough, not a good enough mother, not a good enough friend, etc.  Please realize this is all one else.  My children and my husband, family and friends are absolutely incredible, they have never made me feel like I'm not good enough.  I am still trying to figure out why I do this to myself.  I think most of you know I have struggled with overeating and purging for the past 5 years.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.  I have not purged since last summer, but the overeating is really rough for me.  And lately, not sure if it's due to weather or just getting "bored" with being at home for so long or what, but the overeating is back full force and so is the low self-esteem.  All I can say is it's not a good feeling.  I know that I have made some progress and I have to keep telling myself that.  My mindset is not going to change overnight and it's something that I will always battle (as much as I hate to say that).  I recently heard this song by PINK and I think it's a really great song.  I have never been abused or made fun of by other people, but parts of this song really got to me. You can listen to it if you want, I think the message is extremely powerful.  If you would like to hear the song, please click here.  Warning: title of the song contains language, but the song has been edited (clean version).  Also, if you try to find the official video, be warned, it is graphic. (Please do not watch with children around). What is perfect anyway?  Doesn't that 'definition' change from person to person?  I guess what I hope I will eventually learn is that I AM NOT PERFECT, nor can I be PERFECT,  nor is anyone else, with the exception of Jesus Christ.   However, to someone else, I might be pretty close.......

Heart Wreaths

Today we decided to make heart wreaths.  I know I promised awhile back that I would do more crafts with the yeah.  So, here is what you need.

Hearts (cut out from any paper)
A 'wreath' to glue them to.

Oh yeah, and cute kids!

Now, I had to help Owen more because he's 3 and has a broken arm!  So, I put the glue on for him.  But, Aidan was able to completely do this project by himself.

Look at them working....

Finished product!  Adorable!

Friday, February 4, 2011

What a crazy week!

Wow...January ended and February came in with a ROAR!  Holy cow, what a week!  First on Saturday I went to pick up my bridesmaid dress for Dave and Jessica's wedding and had a lunch out with the girls.  When I came home I found my husband mopping the kitchen floor and folding laundry.... yeah.  I was so excited!  This never happens.  I do have the most spectacular husband though, so I shouldn't be too surprised!  So, I was in a great mood.  However, later that evening Owen fell and broke his elbow in 2 places.  After 2 ER visits, a midnight supper, 2 different x-rays and a blue cast later, we arrived home at 1:45 am.  We were exhausted. 

 Then, last night Aidan lost his first tooth!  WHOA!  I mean, seriously, what a HUGE milestone!  I never realized what a big deal losing a tooth is.  Aidan was so proud of himself and his accomplishment...too cute!  I have to say he was really disappointed when the Tooth Fair only left him $1 for his tooth and he was freaking out that his tooth was gone!  We've had the Tooth Fairy discussion and he knows she's not real, but he said he was expecting 5 of something......okay then.  I got a quarter when I was little....suck it up Aidan.

Finally, I have compiled a list of the books I am most looking forward to in 2011.  I review books for and have been a reading machine.  I could read all day, everyday and besides having a killer headache, would be one happy camper!  If I could get paid to read books...well that would just be the life.  To find my most anticipated list for 2011, click here

Until something else exciting happens...peace out.