Monday, November 5, 2012

I met CJ Redwine!!

So, a few weeks ago on twitter, I noticed that one of my favorite authors, CJ Redwine, mentioned she would be in the StL in a few weeks.  Wait...hold up, the CJ Redwine that wrote 'Defiance'?? Yep, one in the same.  Look at this beautiful book!  Gah, it's gorgeous!!

So, anyway, I thought that's my neck of the woods! So I immediately responded asking if she meant St. Louis and she said yes!  I was so excited!  I assumed it was a book signing, but it was not.  She said that she wouldn't be in town long, but would love to meet up for coffee or lunch.  Hold the phone.... what? CJ Redwine would be willing to meet ME for coffee or lunch? Now, first I need to give a shout out to MG Buehrlen, who has been my BFF since the summer before 1st grade and is BFF's with CJ as well.  Without their relationship, I'm not sure if CJ would've agreed to this or not.  Either way, I was beyond happy at the slight chance I might get to meet her!  So, as it turned out CJ was going to be pretty busy and not have a chance to meet with me.  Which, I totally understand.  I was bummed, but still thought it was super awesome of her to even talk to me about it!  Fast forward to the day before CJ's arrival.  MG emailed me and said that CJ's editor might not get into StL until late and she was looking for someone to take CJ to a great StL place, and did I want to do it!?  EEP!  I immediately emailed my hubby and asked if that would be okay, b/c hello I have 3 kiddos (1 being a newborn) he would have to take care of.  He graciously said he would be glad to do it!  So, I had the amazing opportunity to pick CJ up from her hotel, take her to dinner/dessert and chat with her!  Sadly, I have been unable to read 'Defiance' yet b/c I have a serious case of the Mommy Brain.  I haven't been able to read much, and what I do read is just for review, not really for fun.  I was so bummed I hadn't read it yet, because I would've loved to talk with her about it.  OH well... :( 

So, I got dressed up (heck yea, I did).  

Picked CJ up at her hotel and took her to a local brewery down in Lafayette Square, Square One Brewery.  It was delicious!  We shared an appetizer (Oh my Goodness, it was so yummy! Dips, dips and more dips!), had a delicious meal and some good conversation.  Now, hopefully CJ didn't think I was an idiot.  I was talking to her about YALSA (the reason she was in town) and I said "Yeah, I looked up ticket prices and I wasn't going to be able to afford one" and she said graciously "are you a librarian?"  ""  I had no idea it was a librarian event.  *face palm*  It wouldn't have been the first embarrassing thing I said all night!  CJ was so kind and was willing to answer all my questions!  Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures of our dinner (MG will be so disappointed in us).  We chatted about our kiddos, writing, getting published, staying at home and of course, our beloved MG Buehrlen and how awesome she is!  We then moved on down the road to Baileys Chocolate Bar for dessert.  Oh my goodness....look at their menu, fancy!

They even gave us appetizer before we ordered dessert! Two amazing little cookies.  They tasted like coffee meets chocolate chip.  Which, um, is so delicious! 

Then we ordered.  I got chocolate word.  The cinnamon ice cream on top was to die for!  

 CJ opted for the creme bruele.

 Then I asked our waitress to take our photo b/c how could I not get a pic of the two of us?  She is so gorgeous!  

I totally shamelessly brought my copy of 'Defiance' and asked her to sign it.  SHAMELESS!  She was so gracious and did.  She is so incredibly sweet.  She brought me a kick a$$  bookmark, too! kapow!

What an incredible opportunity to meet now only an awesome author, but a new friend!  I hope she thought the same!  I'm not gonna lie, I was so scared that she would think I was a complete and utter idiot, that I was so nervous!  I hope I didn't say anything that scared her off, and if I did, she graciously didn't say anything about it. :)  Thank you CJ, for the wonderful dinner out.  It meant so much to me that you took the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me, someone you don't even know!  You are a real class act!!  I can't wait to bunker down and read 'Defiance'.  :)


  1. I'm glad you guys had fun! And were able to enjoy a chocolate bar without me there to spoil the evening. You would have had to take me to the hospital!

  2. You have so many fun experience plus the books looks nice to read. Thank you for sharing.

  3. It was a great evening! I'm so thankful for the opportunity! Thanks for the comments ladies!

  4. Thank you for sharing your awesome experience. The book looks awesome too.