Friday, May 10, 2013

What Mother's Day Really Means to me.

Well, it's here again.  The second Sunday of May, the day we celebrate moms.  Every year I think of having a day "off".  A day where I'm served breakfast in bed, where I'm waited on hand and foot, and a day where I don't have to deal with everybody's stuff.  That has NEVER happened. Ever. And you know what?  I'm extremely grateful for it.  This year the only expectation I have is to spend as much time with my sweet 3 babies as I can.  I'm not sure if it's because my two boys are getting bigger (almost 8 and 6 years!!), or if I'm maturing, or both.  But, time is going by way too quickly and it makes me so very sad.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm so excited for my children.  They are getting taller, stronger, reading on their own (not baby girl of course), writing, playing sports, learning so many things from school and becoming such amazing warriors for Jesus.  I'm so stinkin' proud of my kiddos.  However, when I look at my now 7 (almost 8) year old's face;  I see that sweet face of the day he was born.  The chubby cheeks, bright red from screaming.  I remember holding him in my arms and snuggling him.  Now he's 75 pounds, 55" tall and I can't hold him anymore.  My 5 (almost 6) year old I remember being so tiny.  He was only 4 lbs 1 oz the day he was born.  He is my miracle baby.  We made it through a bought of preeclampsia together.  3.5 weeks of hospital bedrest, of being away from our loved ones.  He was born so quickly and then rushed off to the NICU and I didn't see him for over 15 hours.  Now he is my rambunctious, strong willed mini-me.  I love that boy.  And then there is my sweet baby girl.  Our precious girl that we didn't realize we were missing from our family until the day she was born.  She completes our family.  She is growing too quickly.  The days of being able to keep bows in her hair are gone, the days of dressing her up in frilly dresses are no longer ideal since she crawls around so much and eats dirt, and gets as dirty as possible.  But, my goodness what a treasure she is.  Her smile is incredible.  She lights up the whole room with her beautiful 5 tooth smile.  Her sweet baby kisses and hugs make even her Daddy melt.  

I won't lie.  There are days I feel like I won't make it through the day.  But, with God's help and with the encouragement of fantastic friends and family, we somehow make it through.  And then there are days where I'm so taken aback by the amazing blessings I have been granted, that I just cry.  Why am I the lucky one that gets to be the mommy of these children?  I could never deserve them.  And to actually share the journey with my best friend? My goodness.  I am living the dream my friends, living the dream.  

I also am so eternally grateful to my mom.  She sacrificed for me.  Loved me.  Let me play.  Let me get dirty.  Let me figure things out for myself.  She sang with me.  Played games with me and helped me develop my love of reading.  My mom was 16 when she became pregnant with me.  I will always be grateful to her for choosing my life.  This year I will be celebrating with her at a local winery.  Lunch, winery, chatting.  Just the girls.  I love my mom so much.  

So, this Mother's Day, I vow to just sit back, enjoy my three beautiful children and just bask in the glow of their love.  I am a mother. And I am blessed. To those of you who are also mothers, just enjoy your day.  Yea, it's nice to be pampered, and if you get that, then great!  No matter what, just try and enjoy the day.  Don't worry about dishes, laundry, messes.... just sit and watch them play, or heck, even play with them!  Trust me, you will have fun! :)  Happy Mother's Day!

Proverbs 31:28
Her children arise and call her blessed;
    her husband also, and he praises he

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