Friday, April 27, 2012

Motion, Magnets & More review!

Informative, Fun and Educational!

My eldest son cannot get enough Science. So, this book is HUGE hit in our household. He loves science experiments, science shows, etc. So, when we started reading this book, he was in seventh Heaven.

This book is divided into 4 sections; Touch It! Build It! Change It! and Move It! Each section has 10+ topics and experiments to do and discuss. From making a mosaic to learning more about gravity, this book has it all. It's great for preschool to young elementary aged children.

I plan to use this book during the summer when my boys are off school. I'm pretty sure there are enough activities and experiments to get us through the whole summer without getting bored. If you are a science lover, or are looking for a simple, yet informative book for a little one, get this book. It's worth it! I highly recommend this book for preschools, and young elementary school classrooms.

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